Includes 1 WHITE FUll SIZE Pineapple or a MULTIPLE PARTS Pineapple which includes 3 WHITE panel parts that are assembled to create the pineapple shape
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$35.00 (USD)

Use Novelty O'verlays in Multiple Parts* to fit on a dresser or the Full Size for cabinets and walls.

FULL SIZE measurements:

22.89" x 12.322" or  58.1406cm x 31.2979cm  

MULTIPLE PARTS set includes the following measurements:

Top of Pineapple 7.5795" x 12.32" or 19.2519cm x 31.2928cm 

Middle of Pineapple 8" x 12.3322" or 20.23cm x 31.3238cm 

Bottom of Pineapple 7.3133" x 10.5" or 18.5758cm x 26.67cm 



Full Size size panel can be trimmed to fit various size dressers.   

*Be sure the middle section of the Multiple Parts is not too small for your dresser.  If it is, it would be best to purchase the Full Size Pineapple and cut it to the size needed.