Instructions for O’verlays® Application


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Preparing your O’verlays®

Remove the O’verlays® from all packaging materials. Using fine sand paper or an emery board, lightly sand any rough edges until smooth. Wipe the O’verlays® with a small brush or a clean cloth to remove any dust then wipe with isopropyl alcohol (household rubbing alcohol) to remove any residue prior to painting.



O’verlays® come white and can be used as is, but if you prefer a different color they are paintable. We recommend painting the O’verlays® before applying to a surface to give them a more finished look.

To paint, we like using spray paint such as Rustoleum or a similar product. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying and dry times. When done properly, O’verlays® will only require one coat of spray paint. If the Spray Primer (Primer is optional) or the first coat of spray paint color hasn’t dried completely it will cause the next coat of paint to bubble on the O’verlays®.

Interior paints and other types of paint work too. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED PAINTS. If using a primer (optional), be sure it has cured/dried according to the manufacturer’s instructions otherwise the next coat of paint will bubble on the O’verlays®. Using a small roller works well for applying paint.

Paint O’verlays® on a flat surface. This will keep the paint from forming drip marks. Do not paint the O’verlays® in the sun or extreme heat. The heat will cause the panels to warp. You should paint the backsides of the O’verlays® if they are being used on glass or mirror where the reverse side will be visible.


Applying To Glass or Mirror


Most adhesives will be slightly visible, so please keep this in mind when applying to glass. For example, when using on a glass front cabinet, we recommend putting the O’verlays® on the front of the glass so the adhesive will only be seen from the inside of the cabinet. When applying, always make sure that the surface is clean, free of grease, oils, and dirt. Allow to dry thoroughly. Liquid Nails Silicone Adhesive (see link below) is a great adhesive. Use the Liquid Nails sparingly; you don’t want the excess to squeeze out onto the edges of the panel. If you are concerned with cleaning the glass, “Glue Dots” permanent bond** can be used. They will hold the panel to the glass securely. When you want to remove the panel for cleaning, the panels easily pop off. Replace the panel to the clean glass with fresh “Glue Dots” permanent bond. (See links below for adhesives)

**Glue Dots are not a true permanent bond so please use caution when attaching an O’verlays panel to glass or mirror in a high traffic area or on a surface that gets lots of use.



Applying to a Furniture and Walls

There are several options to apply to painted wood surfaces or walls. Always be sure the surface is clean and dry.

After applying an adhesive of your choice, we used Liquid Nails or Loctite Adhesives (see links). You can further secure the panels by using small brad nails or screws on the corners. “Pre-drill” holes where you want to use the screws. Gently secure into place. If using nails be sure to take care not to hit the panels. The panels will dent if hit with the hammer. You can paint the heads of the brad nails or screws with the same color used on the O’verlays® to make them blend in.

Brad Nails and screws are not required unless the panels are in an area where the panel will need extra security.

If the panels are being used on surfaces other than furniture, please seek a professional for installation.

Please use caution when removing the O’verlays®. There is a possibility they will snap when prying them away from the surface resulting in sharp edges. There will also be residual left behind from the adhesive. The residual can be resolved by sanding the damaged area and repainting.


Trimming O’verlays®

O’verlays® can be trimmed carefully using a utility knife and a straight edge. With a fresh blade, lightly score continuously until you have cut through. Any rough edges can be sanded gently using a small piece of fine sandpaper or an emery board.



O’verlays® is a product manufactured in the USA. There is no guarantee of warranty expressed or implied for the use of this product. Caution this product could shatter if bent or dropped. Please use caution there are sharp edges. Test any paint or adhesive you are thinking of using on the product and on the item you are attaching it to. Do not screw directly into the O’verlays®. Drill holes as needed prior to using screws. We will not be held responsible for any misuse or other creative alterations other than given in the instructions of this product. All of the designs of O’verlays® have a Registered Trademark and are copyright protected for Danika & Cheryle LLC.


Adhesive links:

Liquid Nails
Liquid Nails – Clear 100% Silicon Adhesive LN-207
Loctite – Quick Set Epoxy –
Glue Dots Adhesives Permanent Bond** – available at Michaels Crafts or Walmart stores and online.

**Please remember Glue Dots Permanent are not a true permanent bond

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