O’verlays® were created by Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick after some vintage panels were found at a flea market and were used on a client’s IKEA® PAX wardrobe. With some panels of mirror and the help of a finish carpenter, the wardrobes underwent a dramatic transformation. The partners immediately saw the potential in these fretwork panels and decided to create their own.

They chose a lightweight composite material that allowed greater flexibility and less splintering, an issue with the original vintage balsa wood panels. They also made sure the product could be paint-able and re-sizable to allow for endless looks.

Cheryle has since grown O’verlays by broadening the applications from customized furniture panels and furniture kits for Ikea and other furniture collections to include wall coverings and architectural details for your home.  O’verlays also offers products for commercial establishments such as hotels, offices and restaurants.  O’verlays has won multiple awards in the Hospitality Design industry for its creative, versatile and affordable uses in commercial design.

Not only has O’verlays become a “Designer’s Secret Weapon”, they have also become the product of choice for Diy’ers.  Often written about across social media around the globe and in many major magazine publications such as Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV Magazine, Boutique Design and Hospitality Design, as well as, demonstrated in various home decor shows on Lifestyle Network, HGTV, The Today’s Show and more.