• Our Ikea Hack for the Ikea Hauga series

    April 26, 2023

    O’verlays offers a classic collection of O’verlays kits to hack your Ikea Hauga dressers. Our offerings are the Anne kit (as seen below), Blaire kit, Charles kit and Rex kit. Do you want a different design? Let us know and we will create it! Can’t wait to see your creations. The O’verlays Team

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  • Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Mullions

    May 11, 2022

    Mullions can add a special element to cabinetry. Brand new or as part of a face lift.We’ve seen how Ceres maximized her kitchen design by adding O’verlays. See more examples of our customers cabinet transformations. For more information or a quote please go to the custom orders page.

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  • 10 Apps to Have on Hand for Your Next Home Project

    July 15, 2021

    10 Apps to Have on Hand for Your Next Home Project Below are a list of essential apps that will aid you in whatever process you are planning on for your home. When taking on a home improvement project, it is important to use all of the resources you have available to make the process […]

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  • Fast and Easy Bathroom Upgrades You Can Totally Afford

    February 26, 2021

    Fast and Easy Bathroom Upgrades You Can Totally Afford Economical Ways to Improve Your Space The bathroom is the most used and most neglected room in the house. But of all the spaces in your dwelling, it is by far the easiest to upgrade with a few neat tricks. We want to share these ideas […]

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Design a Fun, Functional Kids Playroom at Home

    November 12, 2020

      Playing is more than just a way to have fun; it’s also an essential part of healthy childhood development. As parents, you can adapt any space at home and design a playroom where your kids can explore, get creative, and learn. When designing a playroom, it’s crucial to think about it from a kid’s […]

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  • Made in America

    October 9, 2020

      At O’verlays, we take great pride in the fact that our decorative panels are “Made in America!”   This week is “Made in America” week, and we would like to take a moment to share some of our favorite “Made in America” home decor products.      customize your furniture and more Manufactured in New […]

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  • 4 Simple Home Improvements to Increase Your Quality of Life

    March 23, 2020

    Your quality of life is a measure of your comfort level, physical and mental health, and the conditions in which you live. How you keep your home can have a profound impact on all of these factors. So, if you’re thinking about remodeling any part of your home, you should also consider how those renovations […]

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  • Best Home Enhancements for 2020

    January 10, 2020

    As we start making our resolutions list for the new year, it’s important that we don’t forget to give our homes the same kind of attention. The beginning of a decade is the perfect time to better ourselves, as well as enhance the space where we spend a good amount of our time. Since there […]

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  • Decorate Your Bedroom for the Holidays

    December 18, 2019

    We spend so much time in our bedrooms, yet it is one of the last places in the home we think to decorate for the holidays. Let us provide you with some ideas on how you can decorate your bedroom with some holiday cheer.   Dress the Headboard You don’t have to overdo it with […]

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  • Customize your cabinets with O’verlays!

    August 1, 2019

    How to Add O’verlays to a Glass Kitchen Cabinet by The Pink Dream Ceres from The Pink Dream reached out to us when she realized the glass front kitchen cabinets she ordered were… too plain!! Once she found out she could design Custom O’verlays to fit her upper glass cabinets, she was ecstatic! Our designers […]

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  • Decorating with Watercolors is Easy!

    June 19, 2019

    Have you ever sat in your office and considered that your work space might be a little bit boring? That’s a common thought, of course, for many: After all, offices are designed to be unobjectionable which often translates into being beige and bland. And it can be difficult to invest in a work space – […]

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  • How to remove scratches and dents from O’verlays

    May 29, 2019

    How to remove scratches and dents from O’verlays You will need a hairdryer or heat gun. Set the hairdryer to high heat and high fan speed. Let it warm up. If using a heat gun, set it to low temperature and high fan speed. In a well-ventilated area, place the O’verlays panel on a flat, […]

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  • Spring into new Home Decor Styles

    March 20, 2019

    Spruce Up Your Home Using the Latest Interior Trends Nate Berkus, the renowned interior designer once said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love brought together under one roof.” Living in a space that reflects you and your passions is important; and what’s great […]

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  • Decorate interior doors with O’verlays for the Holidays

    December 6, 2018

    Using O’verlays on interior doors is a smart way to make a spectacular decor statement, and it’s easy to accomplish!  This DIY home decor project can be done in very little time aside from the paint’s dry time. Step by step instructions: 1.  These panels are designed for flat surface doors. Doors with framed areas where […]

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  • How To Create a Cozy Home For The Colder Months

    November 8, 2018

        Fall is officially here, and winter isn’t far behind, which only means one thing  –  it’s time get those blankets out!   But what does this mean in term of home decor?  What are the trendy colors, textures, and fabrics this winter?   Read on to find out how warm hues, wooden features, and velvety fabrics […]

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  • Sea Turtle O’verlays makes this DIY children’s dresser just beachy!

    May 9, 2018

    The sea turtle dresser’s whimsical feel makes a great statement in a child’s room or anywhere you need a little bit of cheer.  This DIY is as easy as you want it to be. Make it with or without the patterned drawers, paint the dresser or not, you decide.  Create this fun little dresser to fit […]

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  • Get the Look with Metal Effects, O’verlays and Ikea Besta Inviken Console

    February 13, 2018

    By adding O’verlays painted in a metal effect of copper patina, attaching large door pulls and dressed up legs, you can transform an Ikea Besta console into a beautiful piece of furniture worthy of displaying in the front hall,  an entertainment center in your living room or an amazingly stylish sideboard in your dining room.  You can have […]

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  • How to Paint Your O’verlays

    August 15, 2016

      How to Paint O’verlays     Unpainted O’verlays Painted O’verlays Spray Paint (easiest): You’ll need… Spray paint color of your choice such as Rustoleum or a similar product. In this demonstration we used Rustoleum spray paint in Coral  Your choice of O’verlays we used the 7″ x 14″ Grace  Isopropyl alcohol such as household […]

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  • Anchors Away….A DIY Nautical Dresser

    July 13, 2016

    Instructions to create your Nautical Dresser   Before   After     What you’ll need:     3 drawer white dresser that will fit the Multiple Parts Anchor O’verlay (it is trim-to-fit so sizing should not be an issue unless the dresser is too big) The dresser we used measures 32″ high x 35.5″ wide. It works on the […]

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  • DIY The Flair Exchange Bar Cart

    June 1, 2016

    Make your Ikea Bygel utility cart into a one of a kind bar cart by adding O’verlays for an eye-catching element that will keep your party guests running back to the bar not only for the drinks. The Flair Exchange Blog shows us how it’s done without breaking the bank in their DIY Bar Cart […]

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  • DIY Bar Cart Customize Ikea Vittsjo Desk

    December 4, 2015

      Easy DIY Bar Cart so you and your guests will be  sipping pretty this holiday season!          Here’s what you’ll need:      One Ikea Vittsjo Desk  One piece of board cut approximately 14.25″ w x 39.5″l x at least 1/2″ thick. To be used as the bottom shelf.  (2-3) cans spray […]

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  • Terry Fabrics UK features Designer Insights with Cheryle Rhuda

    August 19, 2015

      UK featuring Designer Insights with Cheryle Rhuda   

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  • Wow Rex…Look at those Door Knockers!

    May 13, 2015

    Meet the Ikea Tarva which had been painted a boring beige…   Curious to know what the door knockers are all about?   Well, lets start from the beginning. This Tarva is just begging for a new life.  Commence Tarva makeover now!   IKEA Tarva 3 Drawer Dresser   “Luxorious” black paint, by Velvet Finishes Paint was the first […]

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  • What is the deal with the reveal?

    September 24, 2014

    Kind of sounds like a Seinfeld episode, I know,  but many of you have asked what this “reveal” we speak of actually is.  The reveal is the space between the outer edge of the O’verlay and the edge of the drawer front. Above you have the Malm 6 drawer with Anne 6″ x 29″ panels.  […]

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  • A Look For Less – Repeat

    September 19, 2014

    A step by step project to create a stylish look without the expensive price. Click below and visit Danika & Cheryle’s first O’verlays blog for instructions. CLick here to find the Grace Minis Square 19.88″ and the Harper 20″ square Here is the finished project done beautifully  by Amanda Smith.

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  • Sweet Dreams Baby…..

    August 12, 2014

     A couple of months ago we started taking an interest in cribs.  Vanessa Antonelli, Nursery Designer for the Stars and owner of NessaLee Baby asked if we would be interested in collaborating with Nessalee and some other suppliers in decorating Kevin and Danielle Jonas new baby’s Playroom.  Vanessa turned that playroom into a beautiful space! […]

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  • Hi Jasmine

    June 4, 2014

        Overlays   Jasmine         Jasmine is available in panel size 8″ x 31.25″which fits the 3, 4 and 6 drawer MALM Dressers.        Jasmine painted silver with mirroron the 3 drawer MALM     Jasmine in gold on the white 3-drawer MALM     No need to cover every […]

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  • Chevron Makeover

    April 4, 2014

    Classic and fun. Clean and colorful. We were so taken with this fabric from Calico Corners that we decided to recreate the look on a dresser using O’verlays. The makeover was done using the Malm dresser from Ikea and the Zia O’verlay. To create a neutral background for the Chevron accents we chose an off […]

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  • How To: Glow in the dark furniture!

    November 19, 2013

    Remember the glow in the dark stars you stuck to your ceiling as a kid?  Well this do-it-yourself project will do one better.  The end result? A funky piece that is easy to make (and seriously cool looking.) The table itself is the Nordli nightstand from Ikea. The O’verlay  is the “Champagne” design.  For more […]

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  • Dwell with Dignity

    October 17, 2013

    “Hope begins at home.” Dwell with Dignity is a non profit group of interior designers and volunteers based out of Dallas Texas. They are helping families in need overcome poverty and homelessness through design. Partnered with social service agencies, they help these families achieve independence by providing and installing home interiors. Using donated materials they transform […]

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  • Redbooks “Home Inspiration”

    July 8, 2013

    “Home Inspiration” That’s what redbook magazine feels O’verlays are!    Read in the July 2013 issue…. We love it when we make the creative world happy!!   Thanks for the great article redbook!   The O’verlaystm Team xox

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  • Mirror Mirror on the drawer…………….

    May 23, 2013

          Did you know the name Linete means “idol”?   Well today Linete Diaz is our idol……Look what Linete whipped up!            I don’t know about you,  but I can’t get enough of  mirrored furniture        It’s so bright and fresh   Linete shared with us that […]

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    May 6, 2013

    Greek Key Corners   What we do with them?   Besides LACK tables of all colors……….   Spray painted Kelly green.   …painted navy blue.       Bought in Black and painted the corners black     ……we then added a touch of silver spray- paint and brushed it with a dry paint brush.   […]

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  • Creativity at its Finest

    April 29, 2013

          Thanks everyone for sending your fabulous Photographs!    It’s fantastic to see the creativity out there!     Here is a sampling of the many awesome completed projects…………..     Senior Designer  Dafna Aviv from Classica Design in Houston,  Texas designed this beautiful room and used Greek Key 19″ squares as Art work […]

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  • MirrorMate-Part 2

    April 19, 2013

    We have a little update for you on the MirrorMate mirror we did for Cheryle’s bathroom. When we last left off on this project we had just added the fabulous Mirror Mate frames to Cheryle’s plain bathroom mirror… In case you missed it here was the “after” transformation.. Here was the before: We just loved how […]

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  • A Sticky Subject

    April 5, 2013

    (above Pippa Rast Kit #1) Today we are talking about glue, so boring but so necessary when it comes to O’verlays.  Think of O’verlays like the false eyelashes for your dresser.  They add serious glam and you don’t want them falling off, right?  So we are going to run down a list of options and go […]

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  • A Retail Application

    April 4, 2013

    A few months a go I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented designer Katie Rosenfeld  and the owners of the gorgeous ‘tween boutique, K Girl.   Katie had contacted us this past summer looking to use O’verlays in this project.  Since it was located nearby in Chestnut Hill I jumped at the chance […]

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  • Custom Quatrefoils

    February 25, 2013

    We just wanted to share another great custom before and after sent in from our customer Elizabeth Kapfer.  She is still on the hunt for the perfect knobs, but the transformation is beautiful! After:  Before: If you have a custom project in mind, please contact our Custom Department  and we can get a quote and […]

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  • A Mirrored Malm How To, and a Whole Lotta New Stuff

    February 1, 2013

    First off, before we get into this How To, we have to announce the new addition to our O’verlays family… meet our new pattern… “Bubbles”…  and yes that is a mirrored Malm she is on…  How did we mirror it? Easy! We called up our local glass shop and ordered (3) 1/8″ thick mirror panels […]

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  • A Thank You Trifecta

    January 9, 2013

    We have had a couple days jammed packed with surprises around here, and we just want to say thanks. First off, we have to thank you guys for supporting,  buying our product and making us look so damn good with the amazing transformations you do. Without you we’d be no where- just a heap of […]

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  • Make your own Antique Mirror: Part 1

    January 8, 2013

    Here at O’verlays we have been trying to figure out how to add mirror to many Ikea pieces, but the big problem we kept running into was the thickness of the mirror. When added to a flat drawer front with an O’verlay on top, you could still see the edge of the mirror behind the […]

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  • Hit or Miss: Going a size smaller

    January 2, 2013

    We are constantly testing things out around these parts, so we decided to start a new segment over here at the blog called “Hit or Miss”.   Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we fail it…  and the results are usually interesting or at least insightful, so we decided to share. When IKEA launched it’s Tarva […]

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  • Happening Now

    October 18, 2012

    Hey Cupcake! It is BIRTHDAY season around here!   Cheryle, Danika and Caci all have birthdays this upcoming week,  so to celebrate we are throwing a sale.   Use code BDAY15 from 10/17-10/30 for 15% off your order.  Enjoy!

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  • A MirrorMate Makeover!

    October 8, 2012

    We love easy upgrades that have a big impact!   This past summer we had the pleasure of meeting the owner of MirrorMate, Lisa Huntting and her PR    genius Amy Florek for lunch in Boston.  We had a great time exchanging stories about business and inspiration.  Lisa created her product back in 2003 when […]

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  • Ikea Hack Squared

    October 4, 2012

    Cheryle has been busy updating an Expedit bookshelf in her office. She got to be the guinea pig to try out our 12″ Greek Key squares: She had picked up a pair of these mirrored doors on her last IKEA trip: and decided to add them to this Expedit: The mirrored doors are 13″ squares, […]

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  • The Original PAX Wardobe “How To”

    October 2, 2012

    This company started because of an IKEA hack and some fretwork panels found at a flea market. I had a client that owned two maple PAX wardrobes that became the perfect vehicle for fretwork.  With the help of a carpenter this high end look was created…  from these… …actually these exact ones (with a stripe […]

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  • Custom Mirrored Gigi Panels

    September 18, 2012

    We LOVE when you guys send in photos of your creations.   We get that proud parent feeling… “look at what our babies became!” Cheryle & I were just talking about doing a piece about mirrored furniture & O’verlays  and like magic this photo arrived in my inbox from a custom client: I think my […]

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  • How To: “Metallic O’verlays”- EASY

    September 16, 2012

    We are always being asked about painting techniques and ways to make O’verlays look unique, so we decided to start a new series featuring tons of different painting techniques.   These will range in difficulty and finished from woodgraining to gilding, and we will be sure to rank them for you (easy, intermediate and advanced),  but […]

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  • Thinking Inside the Box

    September 6, 2012

    I am a list maker.  I am also a very “A.D.D.” type person, so I really need them in order to ensure things get done. I have them everywhere… my iPad, in my purse and on my chalk board door in my kitchen.      I wanted to share a quick way to dress up […]

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  • Yay for School!!!

    September 3, 2012

    We’re having a “Back to School” Sale!     Now that the kids are back at school it’s time to get those projects going that you’ve been thinking about all summer!       Pippa Kit applied to the wall using Pippa extensions         Greek Key Squares 19″ to dress up a […]

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