10 Apps to Have on Hand for Your Next Home Project

10 Apps to Have on Hand for Your Next Home Project

Below are a list of essential apps that will aid you in whatever process you are planning on for your home.

When taking on a home improvement project, it is important to use all of the resources you have available to make the process easier. Whether you’re painting a room, remodeling your kitchen or simply just rearranging your bedroom, home improvement projects can seem like a huge undertaking. Luckily if you plan ahead there are many apps you can download that are specifically designed to make these processes easier. While there are a lot to choose from, we pulled together a variety that will make your next home improvement project a walk in the park. 



Gopuff is an online delivery service that gives you the freedom to order all of your home essentials quickly right to your door. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you have the right cleaning supplies you need to start your home project, you can just Gopuff them and have them delivered to you. Gopuff gives you the peace of mind just in case you forget to grab something while you are out running errands, and also frees up more precious time in your day to work on the projects that you need to complete. Another bonus when using Gopuff is you can have snacks and drinks delivered to you as well. This way you can have some refreshments while you are busy working on your home improvements. 

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Wayfair is your one stop shop for all things furniture and decor. Whether you are looking for a bigger bed, a new outdoor fire pit or anything in between you will be able to find it on Wayfair. Wayfair has items that will work for any budget as well and offers free shipping on orders over $35. You can also build wishlists based on specific rooms in your house and they even have a feature that allows you to “see” specific pieces in your home. This is super convenient when you are having a difficult time visualizing whether or not a specific piece of furniture will work in your space. Next time you are looking to change up the look and feel of a room, this app is a must. 

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There is a reason that Ikea is one of the most popular places to buy furniture. They offer furniture and decor at affordable prices, often at half of what their competitors are offering. However Ikeas inclusion on this list is not because of their low prices. Ikeas simple and clean designs on their pieces lend themselves very well to DIY projects and customization. When shopping on their app you are essentially looking at blank canvases that are practically begging you for your personal touch. With a little creativity you can take a nice piece of furniture and make it completely unique so it fits your space perfectly. This is a great option when you are looking to replicate the look of a specific piece that may be outside of your budget. 

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When looking for inspiration on your next home project, Pinterest is your go-to resource. This app allows you to create and share your own inspiration boards for essentially anything you could imagine. You can also view trending ideas and images as well to kick start your inspiration journey. Pinterest also doesn’t limit you to only home improvement. You can look up new recipes, fun outfits or other life hacks that may peak your interest.  There are billions of ideas on Pinterest, so no matter how often you browse you are always bound to find some fresh new inspiration. The options are endless with Pinterest.

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Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio

Have you ever avoided painting a room because you can’t decide on a color? Or even worse, have you ever painted a room only to be unhappy with the final result? The Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio app has you covered. With hundreds of paint colors to choose from and a feature that allows you to test colors in a room before you buy, you will never have to second guess a paint color choice again. Just take a photo and apply the color to take the guessing game out of painting a room. This feature not only allows for more efficient work but can save you a lot of time, money and hassle!

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Photo Measures

Keeping track of all of your measurements when working on a home improvement project can be difficult and stressful. Don’t worry, the Photo Measures app has your back. This incredibly useful app allows you to take photos of your room or furniture, and draw your measurements directly on the image. This way you don’t have to worry about writing anything down or remembering specific measurements. The app also lets you export the images and send them in a text or email. Use this app when you are shopping for furniture, or presenting an idea to a contractor so that you can quickly reference all of your measurements in one convenient place. Photo Measures will give you peace of mind that you have all of your important numbers organized and ready to use when needed. 

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With over 180,000 articles, as well as photos, illustrations and videos, wikiHow is a one-stop-shop to learn just about anything. Whether you are trying to unclog a drain or build a picnic table you can find a step-by-step guide on how to get the job done. The options here really are endless with new how-to guides added daily. This app is great for beginners and experts alike and will prove to be a valuable asset to your app library. Walk–don’t run–when it comes to WikiHow.

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iHandy Carpenter

How many times have you been working on a project and you can’t find the tool you need? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. With iHandy Carpenter you will have the tools you need right on your mobile device. This app transforms your phone into five useful tools that every DIYer needs at their disposal. Downloading it gives you instant access to a level, surface level, protractor, ruler, and a plumb bob all at the touch of a finger. These tools will allow you to complete your projects with precision. No more crooked pictures with iHandy Carpenter. 

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Houzz is a great resource for those who want to find inspiration for their next project as well as those who would like some help with the process. You can browse millions of photos sorted by room and design style right on the app. What sets Houzz apart from the rest is that not only can you look for inspiration, you can hire and collaborate with home improvement experts as well. Sometimes a job can be more of an undertaking than you expected and you need to utilize the help of a professional. Houzz has you covered. 

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Home Design 3D

If you are looking for an app that lets you visualize a space from start to finish, look no further than Home Design 3D. This robust app allows you to design a floor plan, furnish and decorate, and even visit the space that you created virtually. This app is perfect if you are looking to remodel a room in your house and need to see the finished result before you make a design decision. Home Design 3D is easy to learn and fun to use. You might even design new spaces just for the fun of it. Although this app does come with a bit of a price tag if you wish to use all of its features, it will pay for itself in convenience, fun and save you from investing in a project you might not like the end results of.. 

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Your next home improvement or DIY project doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you are enlisting the help of a professional contractor, or testing out your own skills, make sure that you check out these apps to help you with the process. Using the right app can be the difference between a fun project and a Pinterest-fail. From start to finish these resources will help you achieve the best possible results on all of your projects big and small!