Chip Double O'verlays Kit for Ikea Hemnes Glass or Paneled 2 Door Cabinet

Kit includes 4 WHITE** Panels Cabinet not included.
Delivery date: contact us for stock amounts

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$79.95 (USD)

Top panel  meausures 11.125 x 38.75 x 1/8" or  28.257cm x 98.425cm x .3175cm

Bottom panel measures 11.125" x 23.375" x 1/8"  or 28.257cm x 59.3725cm x .3175cm

 **The O'verlays panels in the above image have been painted with a metallic copper spray paint.  The panels will be delivered to you WHITE and ready for your creative touch.

- We place the panels on the inside of the door and use clips to secure the panel to the glass.  This makes the panel easy to remove for cleaning.  If cleaning the glass is not a concern, the panels can be glued to the outside of the glass door with a silicone adhesive. This way the glue will only be seen when the door is open.  Industrial strength double sided tape works well too.