Decorate Your Bedroom for the Holidays

We spend so much time in our bedrooms, yet it is one of the last places in the home we think to decorate for the holidays. Let us provide you with some ideas on how you can decorate your bedroom with some holiday cheer.


Dress the Headboard

You don’t have to overdo it with tinsel to give your bedroom a holiday feel—some fresh festive Garland is all you need! Not only will it give you the look you desire but the fragrance will help soothe you to sleep. Don’t limit the garland to your headboard—drape it anywhere you see fit in the room! Ribbon, string lights or a wreath will work well too.

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A Festive Sign

Another easy way to decorate is to add some Christmas art and signage on the walls around your room. Mix up black and white snow-covered landscape photographs. Incorporate colorful holiday signs with subtle references to the season so you can leave them up after the holidays and they won’t look out of place. Christmas puns are acceptable—the punnier the better!  Hahaha….

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Dresser Display

A simple setup on a bedside dresser can be a great way to establish a festive look.  Some Christmas scented candles alongside miniature Christmas trees and other seasonal props can put you in the holiday spirit first thing in the morning. You could go one step further and add metallic gold-painted O’verlays furniture panels to your chest of drawers.

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Swap out Bedding

A bedding specialist would tell you that one of the most effective ways of adding to your room’s festivities is to swap out your day-to-day bedding for something more seasonal. Adding Christmas accent pillows and a festive throw is frosting on the cookie! Christmas stockings look great on a bed post or hanging from the fireplace mantle.

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Make the most of the Outdoors

Pine cones and natural greenery can be used to create festive decorative pieces. Whether hung over the bed or strategically placed on a dresser or cabinet in your room, natural greenery sets the festive feel with soft forest scents of the holidays. Try frosted trees and wreaths for a winter wonderland feel!

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Include a Christmas Tree

Why do trees have to be limited to the living spaces of the home? If it was up to us, we would have a tree in every room of the house! It’s a great focal point and immediately puts you in the mood to snuggle up with your favorite Christmas movie on the TV! Recycle the artificial Christmas tree from last year if it’s still in reasonable condition as this can be the perfect Christmas tree to use in one of your bedrooms.

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Don’t forget Pets!

Festive dog/cat collars, tags & bedding are all worth considering if your furry companions spend a lot of time in any of the bedrooms.


Festive Reds and Greens

It’s understandable to think that it would be difficult to pull off these two colors tastefully, however, being subtle with the shades can really create a stunning look.

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Add a Christmas Aroma

The scents of Christmas are what evoke the best memories! Simply adding candles with a seasonal scent around the room, or hanging some wardrobe sachets full of Christmas herbs, will breathe festive scents around your home.

Trapp Candle Scents – White Fir


These are a few ideas that we have incorporated in our homes over the years.

We’d love to hear how you’ll be decorating your Christmas bedroom?

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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