How long will it take to get my O'verlays®?

If the panels you are ordering are in stock they will be packaged for shipping within 2 business days.  If they are not in stock it can take up to 10 to 12 business days (2 weeks) to cut the panels for your order, then we ship. Our shipping days are Monday thru Thursday. When they are shipped you'll receive an email with your tracking information.

How do you apply O'verlays®?

See our "How To" videos on our Blog for more detailed instructions. You can use your own choice of adhesive. We like using Liquid Nails 100% Clear Silicone Adhesive and Glue Dots Permanent on glass and mirror.  Liquid Nails Perfect Glue or Glue Dots Advanced Strength on furniture, woodwork and walls.  Loctite Quik Set Epoxy for a more durable hold such as for attaching the Greek Key Corners or Anne Corners.

It is also possible to use a heavy duty double sided tape for many projects!

Also see our Painting and Installation Instructions.

How thick are O'verlays®?

Our standard  size is 1/8" thick. We also offer panels in thicknesses of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" thickness. Our Custom Department help you with thickness requests that are not offered on the product pages.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship Internationally. Please note that we do not know the percentage rates for taxes, duties and tariffs in every country, there are just too many.  So we require all International Customers to be responsible for paying these tariffs, duties and/or taxes that will be due when your package arrives.  If you are having trouble getting an international shipping rate during checkout, please feel free to Contact Us and we will assist you. 

I need a custom size...

We can resize any of our patterns to fit your needs. Just contact us with your specifications and we will be happy to send you a quote.

Can you use O'verlays® outdoors?

Yes you can use O'verlays outdoors.  We recommend using the 1/4" thick material to avoid warping from the heat of the sun and we also recommend painting the panels prior to use to avoid discoloration.

What color are O'verlays®?

O'verlays® come in white and can be used as is. But if you choose to paint, use a latex or acrylic paint or spray paint. Chalk paints work well with O'verlays® too.  Please follow the paint manufacturers instructions for preparation, dry times and recoating times. Certain plastic paints give short windows for reapplication, and not following their instructions can lead to the paint rippling. DO NOT USE OIL BASED PAINTS

Also see our Painting and Installation Instructions.

What is the largest size O'verlays® you can make?

We can cut single panels up to 4' x 10'. Please "Contact" us for more information.

What are O'verlays® made from?

O'verlays® are made from a white PVC sheeting. It is paintable, slightly flexible and lightweight.

Can I remove them?

Yes you can remove O'verlays®. If the adhesive lifts any paint, you will need to sand and repaint. There will be adhesive residue left on any surface you applied the O'verlays® to.

Go to our Blog and visit our "How To" section for more detailed instructions.

What is your return policy?

As long as you have not altered the O'verlays® product in any way (painting,pre-drilling holes, etc.) it can be returned within 30 days of receipt. Once we receive it in good condition, we will issue you a credit to your credit card for the product amount only. Please remember when you are given a refund it is processed through PayPal. It is PayPal's policy that there is a waiting period before you see the transaction on your credit card account.

Custom sizes are not returnable.  O'verlays® is not responsible for measurements that were given to us incorrectly.

Please contact us when returning the product.  contact@myoverlays.com

Be sure to enclose a copy of your Invoice with your return and the reason for your return.

Return Address:

O'verlays® - RETURNS
6 Hawk Hill Rd.
Beverly, MA  01915