How To: Glow in the dark furniture!

Remember the glow in the dark stars you stuck to your
ceiling as a kid? 
Well this do-it-yourself project will do one better.
 The end result? A funky piece that is easy to make (and
seriously cool looking.)

The table itself is the Nordli nightstand from Ikea. The O’verlay  is the “Champagne” design.  For more possibilities,check out our full collection of O’verlay panels and shop by pattern!

Here’s how we brought this glowing creation to life……
First, the nightstand was primed with “Gripper Paint” and the front center panel of the piece was put aside to be painted separately. This primer is available at most paint stores. As always, we were sure to read the instructions on the label before we began.
Keeping things playful, we chose a cheery, navy blue paint with a high gloss finish. Satin finish would look great too! (The O’verlay 
panel got its own coat of paint in the same navy blue as the nightstand.)


When painting the nightstand, be sure not to paint the front facing side of the center panel! This will be the glow-in-the-dark accent. 

The edges of the panel may be painted to match the rest of the nightstand.
To avoid making a mess, it is helpful to tape the front side.

Now for the fun part!
To make our nightstand glow we applied a glow in the dark spray paint by Rust-o-Leum on the center door panel. After, we used an adhesive, (LiquidNails) to glue on the
O’verlay panel.

The finished product will glow a funky neon in the dark and the effect is so awesome!

From Day……..

To Night!!………..