Introducing XANDRA…..our newest girl!

At Blogfest 2012 we had some fans ask, “Would you make an O’verlays that is a simple X?”  Well you fellow Blog friends hope you like her…
Introducing XANDRA
This is the Xandra 7″ x 30″ x 1/4″ for the Malm.  We added some extra thickness to give her more substance and grace.
Because Xandra is a little shy  we gave her some squares to follow her around Xandra design can be fitted to any furniture
The Xandra 13.75″ square  x 1/8″ starburst fits nicely on the Efectiv shelves Danika suspended on her wall.  You can see more of this on her blog “Gorgeous Shiny Things” tomorrow.
There is also a simpler version of the Xandra and she can be used as a side panel as our friend Anna Rose (love that name) of the “How- to Gal” did to spruce up her Expidite.  Visit Anna’s  blog and take a look.
You will find XANDRA and her many followers on the O’verlays website throughout the week.  There will be an XANDRA for everyone!!
Danika & Cheryle
by Danika & Cheryle llc.