Mirror an Ikea Malm dresser, and a Whole Lotta New Stuff

Mirror an Ikea Malm dresser and add our newest O’verlays pattern.
Announcing the new addition to our O’verlays family… Bubbles!
mirror ikea malm dresser with bubble overlays
 And yes that is a mirrored Malm she is on…
 How did we mirror it? Easy!
We called up our local glass shop and ordered (3) 1/8″ thick mirror panels cut 1/4″ smaller than the actual drawer front dimensions. (Those actual dimensions were roughly 7.75″ x 31″)
Why 1/4″ smaller? We will get to that shortly. 
Total mirror cost about $45- I am sure that is going to vary city to city.
We centered the mirror and glued it on with a heavy duty household mirror adhesive (one that is made for applying mirror to the wall- Home Depot and Lowe’s carry plenty of brands, and you will probably need a caulk gun too).
Keep the glue at least an inch from the edges so it doesn’t seep out, and have the drawers out of the dresser on their backs like the photo below:
You can now apply the O’verlays.
Use a clear silicone adhesive ) Liquid Nails Clear Silicone is what we used here.
*If you are painting the panels anything other than white, 
make sure to paint the backsides too, since you can see their reflection in the mirror!*
Let the glue dry completely!
Now, as to why we made our glass a bit smaller.
By cutting the glass 1/4″ smaller than the drawer front we are left with a 1/8″ deep pocket around the edge.  You can see the mirror’s edge in there:
If the mirror’s edge bothers you just fill this pocket in with a bead of paintable white caulk, wipe smooth and paint if needed. Viola its gone, seamless edge!
Once the glue is dry you can reassemble the dresser, and you have mirrored fronts!
The Bubble panels are designed to fit the Malm drawer exactly (8″x 31.31″) and we will be adding Bubble panels for the IKEA Rast and Tarva too.
And we loved this look so much we made this pattern in 15.75″x47.25″ panels to fit the IKEA  Minde Mirror as well: 
We actually have a whole bunch of new designs and sizes that are slowly being added into the site
(which is about to relaunch shortly and will be much easier to navigate-YAY!)
One more newbie:
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We will be posting all of our new product as we add them.