We love glassybaby


We love glassybaby

We are going to veer off the O’verlays path for a moment to tell you about a product and company we just adore. While at Blog Fest we met an inspiring woman named Lee Rhodes who is the founder of the company “glassybaby”. Lee is a three time cancer survivor who went through the struggles that many cancer patients endure when money is tight and paying for basic day costs is difficult. Glassybaby’s mission is to fill that gap for those in need. More than $910,000 from sales has been donated to charities dedicated to healing and helping patients with these costs. She is truly an inspiring role model for small business owners like us, and a perfect example that doing good breeds more good.
The idea for her business came about when Lee was fighting her third battle with cancer and raising three small children in 1998. Upon dropping a tea light into a handmade and colorful glass cup, she was inspired by the healing light that illuminated before her eyes. This soothing light gave Lee the serentiy she needed to heal. This experience gave her the idea to hire several glass artists to create colorful glass votives. Glassybaby votives are handmade by Seattle artists in more than 400 colors. Each color represents an emotion, sense, or experience like hope, joy, frog hunting, wet dog and happiness.

Lee generously gifted the attendees at Blog Fest with their own glassybaby.
We’re loving the votive along with the beauty and joy it brings knowing what a great cause it supports and the inspiring founder behind it all. Check out the glassybaby collection here!
This is a video of Lee sharing her story.  It shares the heart of glassybaby:
Here is a video that shows thousands of people at our annual Seconds Sale. It shows how people feel deeply connected to glassybaby as well as the founder’s story of survival:
Lee was the first woman to be named Entrepreneur 2011 from Entrepreneur magazine. It is incredible what she has done in such a small amount of time with the obsticles she has overcome to achieve so much. Having been battling cancer, raising three kids, and starting a successful and charitible business is beyond admirable and worthy of recognition. Support Lee and her wonderful cause by bringing a glassbaby into your home or someone elses, they are sure to be enjoyed by all.

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