Anchors Away….A DIY Nautical Dresser

Instructions to create your Nautical Dresser  






What you’ll need:    

  • 3 drawer white dresser that will fit the Multiple Parts Anchor O’verlay (it is trim-to-fit so sizing should not be an issue unless the
    dresser is too big) The dresser we used measures 32″ high x 35.5″ wide. It works on the IKEA Koppang, IKEA Malm, IKEA Hemnes, IKEA Askvoll and some dressers by International Concepts available through Wayfair , Amazon, Target and HomeDepot online.

Tools needed:

  •  A Level
  • Pencil and Ruler
  • Small Roller brush and a small paint brush
    for edges and corners
  •  Paint tray
  • Drill (for drawer pull holes if needed) 
  • Blade such as an X-Acto knife (for trimming middle of
    anchor if needed)



Step 1: Clean and prep the dresser according the paint manufacturers instructions. 
Step 2:  Using the middle piece of the Multiple Parts Anchor O’verlay, size it to the middle drawer. 


If it is too big, lay the panel on the drawer front and mark where to cut so the panel fits. Using a sharp blade, such as an X-Acto Knife, lightly score the mark until cut through, then lightly sand the edges for a clean finish.




Step 3: Using the level, ruler and pencil, lightly mark on the dresser horizontal 2 ½” stripes that are about 3” apart from each other. 



Step 4: Using  painters tape, line up the tape with the
pencil markings covering the space of the stripe that is 3”. Overlapping multiple pieces of the tape may be required depending on the thickness of
tape being used. Repeat this step until the dresser is covered in 3” tape


Step 5: Tape or cover the top of the dresser so no white is exposed,
unless you want the top of the dresser to be painted red, in that case,
no need for tape! 



IMPORTANT!  Firmly press down the tape especially the edges  to avoid paint from dripping or smudging so you create clean lines.( See Hint below) 

Step 6: Using the Rust-oleum spray paint in “regal red”, shake
the spray paint and hold the can 6 to 8 inches away from the dresser spraying the un-taped exposed white parts in light even strokes as specified in the paint manufacturer’s instructions.  Allow to dry for about 30
minutes then apply a second coat. Wait about 20 minutes and carefully peel the tape off. Once all of the tape is off, allow to dry completely.  



Hint: Lay the dresser on a flat surface with the side being painted flat facing up.  This will prevent dripping.  Wait for the 30 minute dry time, re-position to the next section and repeat.


Step 7: Once paint is completely dry add the clear matte protective finish to the entire dresser and allow to cure as instructed in the manufacturers instructions.

Step 8:  Clean the O’verlays parts with rubbing alcohol as suggested in the O’verlays instructions. Then lay out the Multiple Parts Anchor O’verlay to ensure the correct sides of the O’verlays are being painted. We used Velvet
Finishes Paint in color “Handsome” to paint our O’verlays.  Other paints or spray-paints can also be used.  Pour a small amount of paint into the paint tray,
use the small paint roller to apply the paint to the surface area.  The O’verlays may need multiple coats to get the true color from the Velvet Finishes Paint or other roller applied paints.   

Use the small brush to finish the edges of the O’verlays.  

If spray-painting, one good coat of spray-paint should do it.  Be sure to get around the edges of the panels.

When painting be sure to follow the paint manufacturers instructions.


Step 9: Once all the paint has dried on both the O’verlays and the dresser, apply your choice of adhesive evenly to the unpainted side of
all 5 pieces of the Multiple Parts Anchor. Be sure not to put too much glue so the excess glue doesn’t get pushed out around the outer edges of the O’verlay.  Once again, please follow the adhesive manufacturers instruction for application and dry time.



Find the center of the dresser, starting with the middle piece of the anchor apply the O’verlay  adhesive side down.
Place and assemble the rest of the pieces and adjust until the Anchor image is created.  An easy way to do this is to have the drawers out of the dresser standing face side up on a flat surface in the position they would be if in the dresser. This will keep the Anchor from slipping while the adhesive dries.
 Press each piece firmly to the drawer face once the parts are in position.

Step 10: Attach the drawer knobs onto the drawer faces. If
knob holes are not already there, drilling may be required.


Step 11: Enjoy your finished masterpiece and show it off to
the world!  


Contact us at if you have questions or helpful suggestions. 
The O’verlays Team
P.S. We love it when you share before and after pictures of your projects with us.  Please be sure to send them!



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