Corners by O’verlays | inside corner trim

Add O’verlays inside corner trim to the Ikea Lack table, Vitsjo, Kallax,  Mindi mirror to customize your style. 
Besides LACK tables of all colors you can add to and change the look of  the Ikea Vitsjo, Kallax, Mindi mirror an more.
Enhance any old table with paint and
We  painted the Lack tables many colors.
Kelly green, corner trim
navy blue, corner Greek key trim
Add a touch of silver spray-paint and brushed it with a dry paint brush for an added touch of texture. moldings are very paintable
The best adhesive to use for the corners is an epoxy.  Loctite has a quickset epoxy that not only sets quick but holds strong too (find in the glue section at most hardware stores).  
 What else you ask????
Instantly change the look of the Kallax or any bookshelf.
Enhance any boring shelving unit with corner moldingsEnhance any square boring storage unit with corner trim pieces.
Change the look of sheet glass mirror such as the Ikea MINDE mirror shown below. 
What a great look for little money! corner greek keys sharpen up flat mirrors
 greek key corner with texture added
Some useful hints: Be sure to apply paint to both sides of the O’verlays for mirrors. You will see the reflection of the back side in the mirror.  We used Liquid Nails Silicon Adhesive to attach.
If anyone has used the Greek Key Corner in other creative ways, please share! 
Even better,  please send pictures to
The O’verlays Crew