Decorating with Watercolors is Easy!

Have you ever sat in your office and considered that your work space might be a little bit boring? That’s a common thought, of course, for many: After all, offices are designed to be unobjectionable which often translates into being beige and bland. And it can be difficult to invest in a work space – in time or money. Luckily we’ve got a few inexpensive ideas for you to consider that add a little artistic flair to your day to day. They involve you turning yourself into a watercolor artist – and yes, it can be done.

For starters, you can create something a little more pretty to track the days – an ombre calendar. It comes together in just five easy steps and can be customized to whatever color you want. What are the two other projects that you can create to dress up your office? This graphic gives you some step by step instructions.

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