Hit or Miss: Going a size smaller

We are constantly testing things out around these parts, so we decided to start a new segment over here at the blog called “Hit or Miss”.  
Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we fail it… 
and the results are usually interesting or at least insightful, so we decided to share.
When IKEA launched it’s Tarva line, we began playing
 around with already existing pieces to see if they would fit.  
We knew many of the 7×29″ sizes would, but what if we went smaller… l
ike those pieces designed to fit the RAST?  
Enter our guinea pig, Quatrefoil 7.25″x23″:
We already had the Tarva painted in a faux Driftwood finish, so now we just needed an interesting color combo for the O’verlays.  We liked the rusted copper/driftwood combo of Restoration Hardware’s  Louis XVI Treillage Dresser, so that became the inspiration:
We sprayed the O’verlays with Krylon’s Fusion in Terracotta. 
Once dry we then sponged  Modern Master’s Copper Paint over it.
 We also added the copper paint to the edges of the Tarva 
(no spray paint under it though)
The O’verlays went on and here are the results, more of a centered design with a much larger reveal:

What do you think about going smaller?
Hit or Miss?

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