Ikea Hack Squared

Cheryle has been busy updating an Expedit bookshelf in her office.
She got to be the guinea pig to try out our 12″ Greek Key squares:

She had picked up a pair of these mirrored doors on her last IKEA trip:
and decided to add them to this Expedit:

The mirrored doors are 13″ squares, perfect for the Greek Key!
To make sure these 12″ squares would sit perfectly center 
 she taped off a 1/2″ frame around the edges as a guide.

Next, since the O’verlay covered the knob hole she needed to drill a hole into the O’verlay.
She used a long needle to indent the spot where she would need to drill.
She placed the panel on the door, and from the backside of the door she pushed the needle though the knobhole and made a mark on the O’verlay.

To drill a hole we recommend using a smaller drill bit first, and then finishing it with a bit the same size as the hole (3/16″ in this case)…
She then applied glue (Liquid Nails Clear Silicone Adhesive) to the back of the O’verlay, making sure to smear it into a thin coating so it wouldn’t ooze out the sides.
Next she centered the panel and pressed it into place. 
Once it dried she pulled the guide tape and was ready to hang the door…

She liked the look a lot, but was really wanting a bit more color.
Her answer to that came from our fellow IKEA hacking friends at PANYL.  They are the creators of an amazing self adhesive vinyl that is pre-cut to fit many IKEA pieces, transforming them with color and texture.  Their product is a snap to use and instantly gives a plain surface a burst of color or texture. Check out their extensive palette here.
They normally make pieces to fit the fronts of the Expedit, but she wanted to add color to the insides. She requested a bit larger of a piece, so they cut her 13.75″ “panyls” in a bright Tiffany blue. 
   She used 13.75″ squares of foam core board and applied the panyl right to it with a squeegee. 

 She then taped the pieces to the back sides of the bookshelf for instant pops of color…
I think that made all the difference!
 How about you?

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