What is the deal with the reveal?

Kind of sounds like a Seinfeld episode, I know, 
but many of you have asked what this “reveal” we speak of actually is. 
The reveal is the space between the outer edge of the O’verlay and the edge of the drawer front.

Above you have the Malm 6 drawer with Anne 6″ x 29″ panels. 
 See the green arrows?  
That’s the “reveal”.  
This reveal is one inch.

Here you have the Anne 7″ x 30″ with a half inch reveal.

Reveals can vary in size.  
They can be the same all around or differ.  



Here the reveal is one inch on the top and bottom and 1.5″ on the sides. 



The Gracie 7″ x 29″ for the Malm 3 or 6 drawer dresser has a reveal of one inch on the sides and 1/2″ on the top and bottom.


Or you can have no reveal at all like the Jasmine panels on the MALM 3 drawer.

So there you have it,
the deal with the reveal!

The O’verlays Team



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