Customized Ikea dresser : Wow Rex…Look at those Door Knockers!

Customized Ikea Dresser: meet the Ikea Tarva which had been painted a boring beige…

Curious to know what the door knockers are all about?
Well, lets start from the beginning. This Tarva is just begging for a new life.
Commence Tarva makeover now!
IKEA Dresser painted, watch it transform
IKEA Tarva 3 Drawer Dresser
“Luxorious” black paint, by Velvet Finishes Paint was the first step in our beautification mission.
After a quick sanding, out came the roller and on went the paint.
You can also use an interior acrylic black paint if you prefer.
We find any paint holds better if you apply a few layers
and a top coat of a clear acrylic matte finish to seal the deal.
–Be sure to follow the paint manufacturers directions–
Velvet paint, acrylic black
Velvet Finishes
We did not want to use the standard drawer pulls it came with, so we filled the holes with a wood filler.
It’s like they never happened!
Onto the drawer face
Now the part where the O’verlays Rex Thick  pattern and the Knockers meet.
  We found some Baldwin Door Knockers on the internet and they were on sale!
They weren’t exactly the color we had in mind but it’s amazing what a can of Metallic Spray Paint can do.
The perfect  golden “Luxorious” combination
Metallic paint for the Rex Thick panel
Almost matches the knocker
Next we glued the panels to the drawer fronts. –Be sure that the glue you choose bonds plastic to wood–
Gorilla glue for the panels
Then we drilled holes into the center of each drawer face to attach the knockers.
Simple install
We had to step back and give ourselves a little pat on the back for this one.
Beautification mission complete! can beautify any IKEA furniture
Where would you put this dresser in your home?
Let us know!
The O’verlays Team
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